Saturday, October 28, 2006

A long overdue update.
I've been visiting my family in Nova Scotia and Toronto for the last three weeks, and Randy has been here with his son Ian. Here's Randy's report on what they got up to while I was away:

Ian arrived the same day Sue left, and we sat up till all hours catching up and having a few scotches. The next evening was Tara's parents 50th anniversary party at de Big Fish, so the crew from Amanzi, Ian and I, and Tara and Stewart celebrated with Frank and Rita with great grilled mahi-mahi and lots of wine and champagne. A very enjoyable evening.

My back had been acting up, so we had a few quiet days until it was feeling better, although on Sunday, we travelled by bus to Grenville to watch the all-star cricket match between the UK and the West Indies. The players were all the retired cricket "greats" from the 70s and 80s, and for the uninitiated, Andrew from "Paragon" provided a one-page primer (condensed from a 20-odd page book) on the rules of cricket. Chairs were provided under tents, and there were food consessions, hats, and everyone got cards printed with the numbers 4 and 6, so we could wave them about and shout when a batter hit something noteworthy. Apparently if they "knock it for 6" it means that it reaches the boundaries without striking the ground. Knocked for 4 is when it bounces its way to the boundary. The West Indian players won. However, the most exciting part was the near punch-up between the police and the very high (or drunk) Rasta group. After an initial altercation, a young, diminutive policeman managed to get them smiling and laughing and they finally moved off the field. Obviously, humour was his weapon of choice, and it worked well for him.

Ian went in to town with the cruiser ladies and did the shopping on Monday. After that, we hung out at Hog Island with the occasional trip to town. Ian enjoyed the music and the crowd at Roger's Beach Bar on Sunday afternoon, and we did the Fish Fry in Gouyave on a Friday evening. That was great. Big crowds, really good food from the street vendors. Fresh fish. Ian really noticed the Caribbean flavour of this island compared to Nassau, where we were the last time he visited, and the friendliness of the Grenadians.

The next week we did an island tour with Cutty the driver, and about 8 other cruisers, and we saw Fort Frederick, Concord Falls, the rainforest, Grenville for lunch, on to the chocolate factory, and the rum factory at River Antoine. The rum factory was really unique in that it's still powered by a water wheel. The rum they produce would make good paint stripper. On the way back we stopped at Cutty's local in St. David's for a few beers, and met his 90-year-old uncle, who was in fine form. A rum-and-coke (which you poured yourself) and a Carib beer came to $5 EC ($2 CAN). Unfortunately, we don't have any pictures, cause Sue had the camera.

We did Roger's again the next Sunday, and dropped by Whisper Cove a few times, and Clarke's Court and Martin's for all the diversions available there, and then topped up with water at Martin's and sailed over to the lagoon. Made visits to the market for spice necklaces and spices for Ian to take home, and then it was time to pack up. Cutty took Ian to the airport at the crack of dawn, and then went back to the airport again that night to pick Sue up.

SB here again. Sorry about the lack of Grenada pictures in this update. In lieu, here's some pictures of my fabulous vacation in Canada! My kids! Cribbage! Hockey games at the rink! Relatives! Thanksgiving!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Finally, photos to go with the last post. Update to follow soon.

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