Wednesday, November 23, 2011

First real snow of the year this morning. First real snow in half-a-dozen years for us. I'm glad it's so pretty, and I'm glad that we don't have to go anywhere at all. I realize that most of the winter-hate and profound resentment we harboured over the years had to do with being forced to get up in a dark, cold house, scrape off a cold car and slither off to work, only to come home in the dark and cold to a cold house. Our old house in Halifax was always cold: not much insulation and old windows and dollar bills flying out the chimney every time the furnace kicked in. My shoulders were always in my ears. Six years in the tropics seemed a perfectly reasonable antidote. Hang the expense.

Now, the wood stove in the living room is incredibly cozy and with all the windows, it's bright and cheery. As long as we don't use up all our wood in the next few weeks, we'll be comfortable all winter. Do I sound convinced?.... in any case, we'll be stuck at home until we can afford snow tires.

My birthday was yesterday, and short of feeling every inch a year older, it was a lovely day. Champagne for starters, big breakfast, sunny walk on the trail, family and friends for dinner. Mary made her traditional birthday speckle cake, and whisked away the leftovers to feed her bridge ladies on Friday. Only your family can get away with appropriating your leftover birthday cake.

Lots going on with the boat just now, and we are expending enormous amounts of mental energy trying not to think about it. Two viewings this week and another next month. All the while the Florida sunshine beats down on the varnish. My sister thinks I should learn to meditate and clear my mind. I watch the birds at the feeder and worry about varnish at the same time. I blog and worry about varnish, and wonder if our basement is leaking, and flit over a few dozen other things that need worry to keep them up in the air. When it gets too much, I'll give it up and start thinking about Christmas, which cheers me up, cause I'm no Martha Stewart (that bitch).

Speaking of cheering up, our friend Sharon North blogged about our cozy room at "The Nelson House Diaries." She's an interior designer and former cruiser and she and Andrew are renovating an old house and doing a beautiful job. Check out her blog!

That's the news. I'm 53 now, so I can go have a nap in the afternoon.

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