Sunday, September 01, 2013

For two years, we've been making plans that always included the caveat "When We Sell the Boat."  "When are you going travelling again?" people would ask. "WWSTB," we'd reply. 
Well, WSTB. 
After two years of roller-coaster ups and downs, our broker called with an offer: low, but clean. No survey, no sea trials. 
The offer came in on May 3, and we accepted and had the paperwork underway the next day. She now belongs to a man in Florida, and that's about all we know. If anyone sees her out and about in the world, we'd love to know how she's faring. 
The day after we accepted the offer -- Cinco de Mayo -- we got married. After nearly 23 years and a lot of adventures, we realized that it was time to acknowledge what we knew about being together. This is it, there's going to be no one else, TDDUP.  
My sister came with me to get the marriage license in March, we finally decided on a date, and I bought a red dress at Frenchy's. The JP arrived, my dad and my auntie stood up with us in our living room, there was champagne, we all cried, and then we made a lovely fancy lunch. I have a claddagh ring from Randy's mother, my dad gave us his wedding ring for Randy. Auntie Mary said it was the best wedding she'd ever been to.  And the canoe was my wedding present from Randy. 
That's our happy ending to the Nancy Dawson story. Now I'll write the book. 

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