Monday, May 18, 2009

May 17th - we haul one month from today. Already, my brain is fully occupied with other areas of the North American hemisphere. My body is still rowing and picking up shells, but my brain is trying to help plan a wedding party (Anna and Andy - we had a chat this morning about chafing dishes) and following Tom on his motorcycle trip across Canada.

Had an email from him yesterday from Quebec City. Few details, other than saying the safety level was about the same as our passages from Bar Harbour to Cuttyhunk (here's me, trying to remember that bit of the trip), and he closed by admonishing me to "be safe, wear a life jacket,wear sunscreen, keep the two way radio with you, and the flare gun, don't talk to strangers, shower and brush your teeth." Smartypants.

Friends from Halifax, Kim Shaw and Jim Riley, left yesterday after a great visit. The weather was a bit wet, but there were enough sunny days to ensure that they went home with good Caribbean tans (Kim is darker than me, how does that work?!), lots of shells and lots of photos of snorkelling on the wreck in Deep Bay, hiking in English Harbour, and the view from Shirley Heights. Great meals, lots of wallowing about the in the hot tub at their villa, and lots of wine.

Their flight was unceremoniously shifted from Sunday to Saturday, so we took advantage of their villa Saturday night. Nice bed that didn't move, no mosquitoes, and flush toilet on demand. Showers every hour. Ice cubes in everything and microwave popcorn (I crave it from time to time, but you know, it's not that great once you get your face in it. Too many chemicals?) We watched large hunks of movies on the TV - North by Northwest with Cary Grant, Superbad, Get Smart, and Harry Potter. I feel as though I've had a huge dose of popular culture, such as it is, and I'm good for another six months without it.

In the meantime, we've got a month left and we'll likely spend it talking to strangers, not showering particularly often and neglecting to wear sunscreen.

See below for photos.

Now there's a barbeque..

Alice Teehan's "Piedmont Peppers"

Eric Clapton's house

Cactus spines. No touching

Jim and Kim

Best shell beach ever

How did she get so brown in five days?
Shirley Heights, sans mobs of tourists. Just us.

Bits of pipes and pottery found on the fort site

more cactus, blooming

Sharing the road.

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