Tuesday, June 02, 2009

It's a solidly grey and rainy day in Antigua, and we're mooching around the boat feeling a bit offended by the weather. We're completely adapted to the tedium of endless sunshine, and we can get completely disgruntled when it changes for longer than a quick shower. We cheer ourselves up with the thought that the water tanks are gurgling near-full again, but that gets boring after about a minute, and it's all like a rainy day at the cottage, without tv or a car.

Sounds awful, eh? Thanks for the outpouring of sympathy. Our week-long subscription to the local wifi is about to run out in 35 minutes, and we'd figured that we'd be trading our anchorage in Falmouth Harbour for Jolly Harbour or Five Islands today - maybe if it stops raining. It was too nice yesterday and we just couldn't muster the energy to move, so here we sit now in the rain.

The attitude reflects that limbo time between cruising and hauling. It's too early to start very much in the way of cleaning or sorting or chucking, and it's too late to think seriously about going anywhere very far. We may head up to Barbuda for a week if this murk clears off in the next couple of days. We've met more new friends in the last couple of weeks - Pat and Geoff on Beach House, Ray and Genna on Nighthawk - and we got together and hiked up to Shirley Heights for lunch, and I found a button that belonged to someone in the Oxfordshire 52 Regiment. Couldn't find out anything about the regiment, but I googled the mark on the back, and it dates from 1797-1799. Old.

We had a quick jaunt over to Montserrat to provide the money-saving exit and re-entry into Antigua. No fish caught either coming or going. Randy did see a big mahi leaping out of the water, alas, leaping in the wrong direction.

"Come back! Come back!" he shouted. It was pitiful.

Earlier, I'd come leaping out of my reclining position when I saw big fish next to the boat, but it was dolphins zooming along beside for a few brief seconds before they peeled off to do something else more fun.

We've spent a fair bit of time in the anchorage at Five Islands Bay, just north of Jolly Harbour. Snugged in fairly close to a lovely little resort, which we think is called the Hermitage, we can get wifi, there's no roll (even if it's rolling in Jolly Harbour) and there's four or five beaches linked by paths. Mostly deserted, we've had clothing optional strolls and swims and I found a nice king helmet shell partly buried in the sand. During one of my snorkels, I plonked myself down in about three feet of water and floated off the bottom. About 10 feet away, completely still on the bottom was a Southern ray, about five feet across. I had a really good look at it, then backed up and got out of the water. Who wants to find out if he's grumpy when awakened abruptly.

That's the news. Hauling on June 17th. See below for photos. More to follow.

Ray and Genna (and Geoff)

Pat and Geoff

Photo by Geoff (as we stomped by)

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