Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In no particular order ... Harry and George

AYC docks

the really loud band at the Maine Party

Maine party - best event of Classics!

Nicky, George, Stacey. Nice purse George

Exciting (FOR ME!) this is Steve White, known as a major boat builder, but known to me as grandson of E.B. White

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Coming to you from glamorous Antigua, where we're swanning about with the rich and possibly famous (can't tell, never get that close). Antigua Classics Regatta is in full swing, and we're totally enjoying it from the spectator position (semi-reclined on the afterdeck, libation in hand, listening to the VHF for all the exciting details).

This time last year, Tara and Stewart and yourstrulys were duking it out on the racecourse with all the other old salts, and a more than a few young salts, who were much ballsier about coming around the corners. It's great to be here and not be ON. The brass hasn't been polished for a week. Ha ha ha. No flowers on board, and the stainless is a dirty shame. I get up in the morning, drink my coffee and remember once again how glad I am that I'm not going out to race.

Not a great day out there yesterday - our friend Juerg on Lazy Leg busted a chain plate (I think "busted" is the correct technical term?) and had to retire, there were collisions, and it rained most of the day. Crappy confused seas, probably a puker. I read a very good book, did the dishes, washed my hair. I win.

We went in to the Mad Mongoose for a drink to catch up with friends we haven't seen since last year, and also happily leaned up on the bar with a couple of our favourite sailors, who shall remain nameless. They had been racing, and were enjoying post-race lubrication, and we were entertained and informed about matters both local and international in very salty language (aka f*ckspeak).

One of the topics of conversation is the Hanuman owner refusing to race. (See the link I posted earlier for the background on this.) For all that this is a pretty amazing collection of classic boats and keen sailors, the prevailing attitude seems to be do well, don't break the old boat, party. Lots of prizes, but nothing earth shattering (as our friend George says, "you won! f*ckin great, now buy me a beer"), and only minor glory. The big deal is the spectacle of big boats all zooming along in the breeze and getting their pictures taken, and really good parties. I'm sure the resumes of the J boat crews go nuts on this stuff, but really....people here are proud of their boats, and there's regular reminders about gentlemanly sportmanship (a lot of f*ckspeak, but hey). So the Hanuman guy will leave with the Took-My-Skipping-Rope-And-Went-Home Award" His other boat, Athena, about 300' long, is also parked at the dock. So much money, so little class. I wonder if his crew is still speaking to him.

This afternoon we'll walk over to English Harbour and park ourselves at the fort to watch the boats come in for the parade of sail (no kilts this year), then tonight it's the snazzy Maine party - one of the best parties last year, hosted by Phin Sprague, so we're looking forward to it again. Also had two loads of laundry done at Sam & Dave's, and I want you all to know how that's improved the aura and appearance of the boat and the crew.

See below for photos. More to come soon.

Susie, from Spirited Lady, celebrates her 2nd place win in the Concourse d'Elegance.

Rosie, from Norumbega, and a crowd of cruisers at the Mad Mongoose

Randy and Tony.

Stylish details on Old Bob.

Carriacou boats.

Athena. Tender to Hanuman....

Some of Antigua's finest craftsmen at work.

Five Island Bay

Trying to get into the salt pond on the north side of 5 island.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hissy fit at the Antigua Classics Yacht Regatta!

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