Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sorry for the long blog hiatus, but there's been packing, travel, shopping, cooking, major festivities, travel, unpacking, rest, and Frenchy's. Life is good.

Boat was hauled with only minor irritations - my sore back mostly- I didn't get my pair-of-shoes bonus for going up the mast. Enjoyed lots of hot water at the villa, but had to improvise when I discovered there was no dryer. I brought lots of line from the boat and festooned the entire back of the building with clean clothes, sheets, towels, underwear. John and Marie from Metalia arrived to visit and make use of the washer, and had no problem figuring out which villa we were in. There are so many situations where you just have to give up any sense of elegance. Or dignity.

We had a great afternoon with them at "In the Backyard" in St. John's before we left. It's a great family-style hangout tucked away in a backyard - hard to find for your regular cruiser, but a great place to go with John and Marie who knew everybody there and introduced us and explained all the family relationships and which kids belonged to which adults. It was like being at a big family party. A great time with terrific food - grilled mahi, conch fritters and this oddly delicious "rice pudding" which was actually a honking big brown liver sausage with rice. It's always a good idea to ask before you order something you haven't had before.

Then, we went to work, and packed and chucked, and the boat is snug, clean enough and packed away for the summer. I was so ready to be off the boat by the time we finished. Actually, I was ready to be out of there about three weeks before we finished. Anxious to see my peeps.

Anna and Andy, aka the Newlyweds, picked us up at the airport in Toronto, and we began a really wonderful week of visiting, cooking, shopping, partying. Anna and I shopped brilliantly (she had pre-shopped and took me to all the right places). Juan and Carmen Gayoso (Andy's parents) hosted a lovely party (at Terra in Richmond Hill - fabulous food, beautiful room) and the next night was the big party at Patti and John's house. Patti and I have known each other since kindergarten (works out to about 45 years) and when she heard that Anna and Andy were getting married, she up and offered their home for the celebration. She's just like that. Their home is beautiful and perfect for parties and they are the most generous and relaxed hosts in the known universe. So Randy and I cooked for two days, then we tarted up and people arrived from all over the world and sang and played and toasted and danced and it was the best wedding party ever. Andy's sister Carmen gave the best wedding toast ever, in English and Spanish, Kelly and the Newlyweds (A&A) played and sang brilliantly as did Anna's singer friends, and my dad, accompanied by Patti's husband John on trumpet (and my sister on music box), played Somewhere Over the Rainbow for Anna and Andy, and brought the house down. What an incredible night. We had so much fun.

Now we're back at Laurie's house in Port Maitland, walking the beach, enjoying the new kitchen with all the mod cons, Frenchy's shopping whenever I want, and getting started on some painting and building projects. We've already had some visitors, with more to come - Kim and David (formerly of Amanzi) arrive tomorrow, and then Laurie and family, and Randy's son Ian, Dennis and Ann from Kyeta, Tom and whoever else decides to brave the fog. Actually, it's not foggy all the time, just quite a lot of the time. July is foggy. But the beach is still beautiful in any weather and it's good that there's no shells to be collected. I'm back to hauling sticks home.

Randy just walked out the back door, and said Gawdammit, why doesn't the sun shine!!!
See below for photos.

In no particular order...some wedding photos

Andy and Anna

Beautiful bride


Listening by the pool

Kelly and the Newlyweds sound check

Lovin the bbq

Back in Weymouth

Birthday princess Gayle

What you need for a warm evening in Port Maitland

LJB's new kitchen

Jane, David, Pete, Hillary - first of many dinners in 2009

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