Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The money's in the bank, and we've spent the afternoon driving around town giving it away. Tomorrow, more of the same. Would that we had an unlimited supply... I'd enjoy philanthropy. Scotiabank VISA would not be on my list of preferred charities. Irving Oil would be on the total boycott list. (I don't know what kind of notes are on our file there, but when I call, they say stuff like "thank you very, very much for holding....")

Here's some photos of the last couple of tense weeks. For all that selling your house is supposed to be one of life's major times of stress, it looks like we had a pretty good time. We did. Celebrated Alice's birthday with Gail and Charlie and Michael. Drank my first ever martini with Nancy and Donald.

Dad spent a week or so with us, recovering from eye surgery, and he was a great patient. I suspect that his doctor would be appalled that he was playing crib less than a week post-op, particularly the kind of crib Dad plays (everybody in the room sees a rise in their blood pressure) but he seems to have recuperated nicely. We had a fab time with Auntie Mary, cousin Pete, Hilary and blooming girls Brooke and Erin May (and Raven the dog), and cousin Dave and Joseph and Marianna (and Nicki the wee wonder dog). Yes, you can entertain with nought but paper plates and plastic utensils.

Gary the mover and his band of lads have taken all our stuff and deposited it in Port Maitland. All except the stuff that wouldn't fit in the truck and had to be schlepped to Anna's basement. Sorry Anna. We still seem to have an enormous quantity of crap....

Also had a great visit with David and Kim (Amanzi). RS drove Kim to the airport and waved her off to Newfoundland for a visit with her family, and as I write, David and the boat are in the Northwest Arm and we're getting together for dinner. To celebrate! The house is sold! (see below for photos)

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Yup, we sold the house, finally, and we're packing like madmen. Even though we pared our possessions down to nearly nothing in 2005, they've been breeding like rabbits in the basement, and we seem to have rather a lot of stuff to deal with. Movers come tomorrow, Sunday the 22nd, we close the deal on Wednesday, spend Thursday distributing largesse among our many patient creditors (we shall mentally flip them the bird as we pay off all our debts!), and then we'll follow our stuff to Port Maitland.

I'll do a proper update about the last month at Duncan Street with loads of photos when we get settled in PM. We've had a visit with David and Kim from Amanzi! Kim has flown off to Newfoundland to visit her parents, and David has been parked in the beautiful Lahave River, and should be making his way through the fog and feeling his way into Halifax in a day or so.

Thanks to all the loyal blog followers and well wishers who showed up yesterday with wine and whined about waiting for blog updates. More news to follow soon. Send us encouraging emails - it's been raining buckets here for days.

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