Saturday, October 29, 2011

Randy's just managed a successful wrassle with a jug knot - the rum bottle will be an authentic accoutrement to his pirate costume for tonight's party in Lake Annis. I've just made the traditional Hallowe'en macaroni and cheese, and wishing the kids were here to scarf it back before they leave for trick-or-treating. But Anna's going dancing in Toronto, and who knows what wickedness Tom will get up to in Small Town Alberta and Ian in the Excited States... There's no young people in Lake Annis, so we're not expecting any knocks on the door on the 31st. I think I might just be the youngest person in the village at this time of year. I could egg a few houses, but that would involve staying up past my bedtime.

It's a good thing that there's still lots going on, because there's ongoing high levels of angst. Another couple going to see the boat this weekend, and more enquiries coming in by email. This should be cheering, and it is, but it's hard to hold your breath and get much done in a day. Someone in Spain checks the boat page every day! Hello to you, senor! And in Germany, and Panama. They are all waiting for the SOLD sign to show up? And I still struggle with the impulse to pack useful things in duffle bags - the habit of leaving is hard to break.

There's been a bit more snow. Too bad new snow tires never show up at Frenchy's. But the woodstove is glorious, and by the time I get up in the morning and have a cup of tea, I'm rethinking the monster polarfleece robe. We'll get better at regulating temperature, but sometimes we have to open the door and go out on the deck for some air. Then the bluejays scream at us: "More damn sunflower seeds, you sweaty old bat!" They are such pigs.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The hummingbirds decamped weeks ago, and the remaining birds are refusing the seeds in the feeder in favour of fermenting berries. Then, with a good buzz on, they perch in the big oak tree out front and shit processed berries on the white Subaru just for fun. It's an embarrassing mess.

The good news is that apart from a few dazed wasps and crickets, the bug population out here in the woods is much reduced. The remaining spiders are enormous, and I had to lift a few webs out of the way to wash windows this afternoon. The sun is brilliant and low and comes straight in the windows in the late afternoon, and it just had to be done.

The weather has been shockingly fabulous for the past week - sun and heat, and the trees are just starting to get red and yellow in the last couple of days. We're hoping this is what we get until we're good and ready to cope with the difficult stuff. (About a week ago there was big wind and a few brief periods of white pellets. Bit of a shock, but then it was over.)

I rowed this morning in the sunshine, but rolling up the pant legs and wading out to pull the boat off the beach was just a bit frigid. My feet in my flip flops were pale blue when I got home. Still, I'm reluctant to say it's time to pull the boats. We sailed Peggy on Saturday, and our neighbour John was out on the water too, so we crossed tacks on the sparkly water, and enjoyed it all.

Turkey with Randy's family on the weekend, ham with my family next weekend. We are never bored. Still holding our shared boat-breath. There are three people currently doing some serious thinking about ND. All this at the time of year when we would normally be packing to head back to the boat. Hard to know whether we're feeling relieved or conflicted about staying put. Both. Looking forward to taking a deep breath.

See below for some recent photos.

Bob and Susan Brickman visit from Colorado and we eat fabulous duck.

Thanksgiving weekend on Lake Annis.

Sherman clan

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